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Do you get emails like this?

Watch out for email spam like this

I get stuff like this all the time. It’s usually some threat that my computer is infected or I’ve done something wrong on Twitter or in one case, someone was claiming to be from China and was going to buy a Wordflirt URL even though it’s trademarked. All scams!

Here’s a quick way to tell:

Now I’m on a Mac, so this may look different for you. If you hover over the “from” email address or even click once on it, you should see the true email name. If that doesn’t work, hit “reply” and see whom it’s going to. See below for an example.

Email scam advice


As you can see, this is NOT a LinkedIn email address. Another clue is that they did not address it personally – every email I get from LinkedIn addresses me by name. Finally, LinkedIn’s emails are branded with their logo.

Seeing emails like these annoy me, especially because I know there are people that fall for it and end up clicking on the link provided. Who knows what’s waiting for them on the other end?

My advice to you – DELETE!

Hope this helps!

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