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We love coffee. We hate haters. We obsess over grammar. And we laugh...A LOT.

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Who We Are

We're not twenty. We're "seasoned" professionals with families, previous careers, and a passion to help people. We also really love writing and creating.

Our Mission

We want to change the world, one tweet at a time. Kidding. We want you to have a different kind of experience with marketing professionals. Trust. Talent. Transparency.

What We Do

Besides drink coffee and laugh? We aim to provide high quality, unique content, awesome websites and bring people to the table to help you grow your business.

Our History

Founded by Claudia Loens in 2002, Wordflirt® began as a hobby writing business. As an author of several novels and nonfiction titles, Claudia helped small businesses and individuals with their writing projects, such as bios, resumes, newsletters, web content, and more.

In 2008, the company added Social Media Marketing for business, Internet Marketing, and Custom Website Design. Today, they are a global, boutique marketing agency with experience in a variety of industries, including real estate, mortgage, radio, sports, book authors, business and therapeutic coaching, retail, private school, restaurants, and more.

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Meet the Team

Claudia Loens


Chief Wordflirt Officer, Northern California
Loves: Family, swimming, writing, the beach, cooking, coffee, vodka tonics, laughing. Doesn't Love: things that don't line up, ugly websites, poor content & mean people.
Melissa Nielsen


VP of Social Media, Portland, Oregon
Loves: DIY projects, her kids, creating content, reading, writing, cooking, did we mention her kids? Doesn't Love: things that don't line up, colors that don't match, and mean people.
lisa renee

Lisa Renee

Social Media Coordinator, Northern California
Loves: Horses, her family, photography, appetizers, being creative, and making women look beautiful. Doesn't Love: bad hair days, cars that break down and mean people.
Dave Braun


Technology Advisor, Southern California
Loves: His family, Jesus Christ, making a difference, learning, mentoring, joke of the day and decorating the house for Christmas. Doesn't Love: ugly websites, raw fish and mean people.
Wordflirt Jr


Wordflirt Junior, Northern California
Loves: Instagram, helping mom, lining things up, photography, and ice cream. Doesn't Love: things that don't line up, loud noises and mean people.
stacy and henry wordflirt mascots

Loves: Barking, tummy rubs, barking, naps, barking, treats and barking. Doesn't Love: being scolded, getting pushed off the bed and mean people.

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Top 10 reasons to work with Wordflirt®

  1. We're more picky than you are about your marketing & website
  2. We care about helping you grow
  3. We keep up to date on all the platform changes so you don't have to
  4. We believe in customer delight and we answer our phone, emails and texts
  5. You're busy building your business and should leave the marketing up to the pros
  6. We're not mean people
  7. We don't "Design and Ditch"
  8. We admit when we're wrong or made a mistake
  9. We are cheaper and less maintenance than hiring a staff member
  10. We "get" you and what you want to accomplish
  11. (BONUS) We don't like rejection. It makes us sad and we don't like to be sad.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We're ready to unload all of our juicy marketing experience on YOUR business! Are you ready? Schedule a free consultation and remember to bring your coffee.

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