What to Expect – Social Media

Getting started with Wordflirt® is easy! Once we have determined what services you would like, here’s what you can expect:

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    Initial Set-up Phase

    The initial phase is where we get organized! We have several pieces of information that we need from you to get started. They are:

    1. Social Media Services Agreement – this outlines the services and terms
    2. Social Media Client Login info –This will give us your password information so that we can login to your accounts and connect your dashboard
    3. Initial Invoice – We will invoice you for the first month and set you up on a recurring invoice. We utilize FreshBooks and will send you a link to view your invoice. Payment is required to begin your services, and we request that you provide your credit card so there is no lapse in payment.
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    Social Media Set-up and Research Phase

    We will begin by simultaneously setting up your social media pages (if required) AND begin research for the custom posts we will create for you. You can expect the first posts to be scheduled approximately 2 weeks after we begin the project.

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    Social Media Management Phase

    • Posts will be made to your social media as described in the Social Media Services Agreement.
    • Wordflirt® Dashboard: You will have access to your own private dashboard, where you’ll be able to see what we have scheduled for you a week in advance. Here you can add your own posts, edit the posts we have, and view your statistics. It is your responsibility to review the posts we have scheduled for accurate content. If you do not like something you can either delete it, or change it. We’d be happy to show you how to use this tool.
    • We will monitor your posts to get a better idea of what is working, what is popular, and the best times to post your content. We will tweak it as we go as we review this information.
    • Any requests or direct messages need to be responded to by one of your team members. This is your responsibility, but we will keep an eye on it about once per week or so, and alert you if we see something that requires your attention.
    • Any special events, blogs, articles, insights or special items you wish to share should be sent to us with at least 5 days’ notice before you wish the post to occur. OR, you may post it yourself inside the dashboard.
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    Facebook Ads (if included)

    • Once your social media pages are set up, we will need to discuss exactly what your objective is for each campaign.
    • We will then design your first ad creatives. We will run the imagery by you to make sure it is what you want.
    • We will take your credit card information so that your ad spend is billed directly to you through the Facebook Business Manager.
    • We will run several tests simultaneously to see which ones get the best results, then tweak as needed.
    • We will then run your ads for the amount of time and budget to which we’ve agreed.
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    SearchQuant (if included)

    • You will be required to download the SQ software on your computer – Mac is preferred, but there is also a Windows version.
    • We will give you specific instructions about how to connect your LinkedIn account to the software so that it doesn’t log off.
    • On our end, we can see when your software is ready to go. We will go inside of your PREMIUM LinkedIn account to run advanced searches based upon your target audience. (Note: you must have a business plus premium account with LinkedIn for this to benefit you. Do not choose the sales navigator option.)
    • We will review your LinkedIn profile and make any necessary changes to your profile that we feel is needed to maximize your presence. This includes the headline and the summary sections. You will be able to approve this and/or suggest edits.
    • We will be viewing up to 800 profiles in your target audience per day.
    • You are required to have your computer on (not in sleep mode) for about 2 hours per day so the software can run – our computers must be on at the same time. Unless we are traveling, we generally have our computer running from 5:00 am – 9:00 pm PST most days of the week
    • We will take an initial screenshot of your ranking and profile views for the past 90 days. This tells us our starting point and you can see your progress each month
    • You will get more connection requests, InMails and leads as we run it.
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    Newsletter Management (if included)

    • We can get started on your newsletter whenever you are ready. We will need to discuss your email list and whom exactly you wish to target. We will also review potential content to see if it fits with your target, and then produce a test newsletter, which will serve as our template for future months.
    • Items included in your newsletter will be designed and written by us, unless you have specific articles you wish to include. The newsletter generally consists of the following content:
      • Intro and welcome with the theme of the month and a personal message from you
      • An informative article that is relevant to your target audience. For example: “How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden all Year” or “What is Macular Degeneration”.
      • A testimonial from a client if you have any of these (please provide)
      • A recipe that is congruent with the monthly theme
      • Links to articles on your website (1-2)
      • A link to your FAQ or other informational page
      • Another link to an informational page
      • Any other items you wish to highlight, such as valued partners (plumber, notary, security company, etc.)
      • An ending message
    • We will give you a heads up that your newsletter is being prepared. It is at that time that you should either upload any new contacts you wish to include OR send us a spreadsheet with your contacts (first name, last name, email) and we will upload them for you.
    • We will produce your monthly newsletter and send you a test copy. If we don’t receive feedback from you within 24 hours, we will send the newsletter on your behalf through your email service
    • We love to get feedback from you. If you receive comments, suggestions or LEADS – we want to know!
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We are excited to help you market and grow your business! We are available to you whenever you need us. Thank you for the opportunity. Give us a call at (916) 789-9923 if you have any questions. Also feel free to text Claudia at (408) 718-1320 if you have an immediate question or need.