San Jose SEO – What you need to know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for websites. Why?

Revenue: Good SEO means that your website gets ranked higher by search engines than your competitors, which then means that you’ll more easily and quickly be found by potential clients on the internet. As there are more than 3 billion people that use the internet, it’s pretty important you’re found there.

Saves Money: Traffic to your business, internet or not, must come from somewhere. Instead of paying for ads, flyers, air-time, etc., why not use what google gives you for free?

Here’s an example of the value of SEO.

Suppose that you own a flower shop in San Jose and you have many competitors in the market. When someone goes to Google and searches for “San Jose flower shop”, a lot of websites will be listed there and usually, users will visit the first few websites that they see on the first page. Users don’t usually bother to click on the next 10 pages of search results. They’d go to the top websites and do business with them.

With poor SEO, your website for your San Jose flower shop will get lesser traffic which means it will also be more of a loss for your business rather than an asset since you are losing potential clients by lacking visibility in search engines.

There are many factors that you need to consider when doing SEO. First you must understand how it works and the things that you need to focus on.  For example, Google’s algorithm has many different things that it looks for in a website to make it rank better. There are three major factors that you can focus on:

  1.       Links

The internal URL structure of your website needs to be set in such a way that it’s not spammy. Over using a link or an anchor text like “San Jose flowers” can be more harmful than beneficial to you site. User experience is one of the main points that is always being raised during webmaster hangouts by Google so spamming keywords in the form of links is a big no no. Backlinks are important as well.These are the links that point to your website. If the site that points to your website is popular or reputable (for example, CNN or The New York Times), it will pass on some of its “reputation juice” to your website which will push your website higher in the search results page.

  1.        Content

This is the tricky part. If search engines recognize that your website produces quality and not spammy content, they will put your site higher in results page when someone searches for a specific key phrase or keyword. What makes this tricky is that the content needs to be SEO friendly and must be entertaining for your readers at the same time as some search engines measure or consider the time that users spend on your webpage and adds it to your “SEO score”. The content of your website must also be fresh and unique because duplicate content will hurt the reputation of your website.

  1.       RankBrain

RankBrain is part of the algorithm used by Google in determine the rankings of pages on the internet. It’s one of the components that make Google’s search engine work together with Panda, Penguin, Payday, Top Heavy and many more. It functions as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that adapts to human input and calculates what pages to show that is most relevant to the keyword or phrase that was used.

Aside from these 3 things, there are many other factors that you need to work on to get extra attention from search engines like your website speed, mobile responsiveness, proper use of HTML markup and many more.  These factors are also part of what is being considered by RankBrain when it generates the search results that it shows to the user.

choosing keywords - San Jose SEO

Choosing the right keywords to focus on is also important. Example, choosing a generic keyword like “San Jose shoes” may be a bit challenging to rank because the competition for that phrase is a lot. By a lot, we mean thousands of websites that may have hired San Jose SEO services for their website or did it themselves because they know how it works. Choosing a set of value-added keywords for your site may help in making your site appear for keywords that have less competition. Think of the best word to describe your brand and add it to the keywords that you will focus on. Here’s an example, “San Jose durable shoes”. To find keywords that have lesser competition, you can use Google’s keyword planner tool. It lets you see which keywords have high or decent number of searches but also has low competition at the same time.

Another method is to check and do a search for the keyword that you want. If you see that the websites in the first few pages are Wikipedia pages or some generic webpage then you may still have some chance of getting in page one by working on the three major things that we mentioned above which are get reputable links to your site, create fresh and high quality content and make sure that your website follows proper coding structure, loads fast and is mobile friendly so that it gets seen by RankBrain.

With all this in mind, doing SEO might seem to be a difficult and time consuming task. As your San Jose SEO team, we can help you in getting the results that you need. We understand how much work needs to be done in growing a business so we’d like to help your business grow. Well guide you through how make your website one of the most awesome website in search engine pages or you can totally leave all the work to us.

If you already have a website and you need to have an overview of how your website is doing, Wordflirt’s SEO tool might help. If you have any other website concerns like a non-mobile friendly website or a website that needs a redesign you may visit our contact page. Let us be your partner in building your San Jose SEO friendly website.

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