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What is LinkedIn Pulse?

Do you see the email & SMS notifications that refer to activity on LinkedIn Pulse and wonder how YOU can be featured? It’s actually quite easy.

First of all, LinkedIn Pulse is simply LinkedIn’s blogging platform. You can create and publish original articles right on LinkedIn and receive the following benefits:

  • More direct views than the blog on your website
  • More interaction with your articles (likes, comments & shares)
  • Articles added to your profile to help you create authority and trust
  • A means to get traffic to your website for increased SEO
  • LinkedIn rewards you with higher ranking

Secondly, there are two ways to publish on LinkedIn:

  1. Share an Update – these are similar to posts on Facebook. They appear on the LinkedIn stream, but not on Pulse. They are important, but not as juicy as posting an article.
  2. Publish a Post – these are the articles that appear on Pulse. You can add images and text, as well as, link back to your website.

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How to Get Started on LinkedIn Pulse

Getting started is easy.

  • Decide on a Topic – this should be similar to what you might publish on your blog, or it may be a summarization of an article on your blog, with a link to it.
  • Pick an image that represents the topic and that you want to be visible to anyone who sees the Pulse announcement.
  • Write your article and double-check it for spelling and grammar (I prefer to write all articles on a Word doc first, then copy/paste it.)
  • Keep track of the activity by watching the statistics on your LinkedIn homepage (see below).

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