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Why LinkedIn?

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We know how powerful LinkedIn can be for your business. We use it on a daily basis, and LinkedIn has been responsible for 80% of our business lead generation.

However, there is a huge benefit to knowing how all of the components of LinkedIn work, and of course, then utilizing them!

What many people don’t realize, is that your LinkedIn profile should be very active in order for you to come up in high in searches. That means that you must dedicate several hours per week to do the following:

LInkedIn on bulletin board 424x280 - LinkedIn Services

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesStatus Updates

Every day you should share a status update. Like Facebook and Twitter, your audience wants to see what you’re doing. The difference is, the audience on LinkedIn will not tolerate too much self-promotion or goofy cat pictures. Your status updates should be professional in nature, and represent who you are and how you add value to the world.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesEndorse

Several times per week, take some time to endorse people in your network. You can either do this when prompted at the top of your Network Connection page, or by selecting an individual’s profile and endorsing the skills that are listed as a suggestion.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesConnect

When you add connections every week, you get “suggested” to more people that are second and third level connections, giving you the opportunity to grow your network. You can simply click “connect” on the profiles that you are interested in connecting with when you are prompted by the “People You May Know”.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesTargeted Connections

Some people believe that you should only connect with people in your industry and/or friends and colleagues. This is fine if you are looking for a job. But if you’re trying to generate leads, recruit for your company, or change careers, these types of connections won’t serve your objective. We recommend using the Advanced Search tool to find 2nd level connections in your target audience.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesRespond

When you see that someone has a work anniversary or a new job, click “like” or make a comment. This is not only nice for your connection, but it will improve your ranking due to the added activity. Additionally, if you see a status update that you like from your network, like, comment, or share it just like you would on Facebook.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesPublish

Did you  know that you can write an article on LinkedIn, much like blogging? You can include images, and video, and style it like a blog post. The cool thing about this, is that your LinkedIn post is much more likely to get viewed than a blog post sitting idle on a dusty website. Your article will be shared on “LinkedIn Pulse”, giving it the exposure needed to get your word out! PLUS, it stays in your profile for future views.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesProfile Views

The more profile views you get, the higher LinkedIn ranks your profile among your connections and among your competitors. To get more views, you need to do all of the above, but also, you need to view A LOT of other profiles. This can take hours per day…or you could automate it! We have software that will blow your mind. The results we’re seeing with this software is incredible.

little wordflirt flower 37X36 - LinkedIn ServicesLead Generation

Once you start building a solid, targeted network of connections, how do you turn them into leads? You need a system to message new connections with a personalized message to begin the engagement. What you say is as important as how you say it. While LinkedIn is known as a way to generate new contacts that lead to business, a new job, recruits, press attention, and event attendance, you have to be cautious of being too aggressive to your network. Still, it is the only social media platform that supports all of these business development activities.

So, How Many Hours Per Week Do You Think It Would Take To Do All That?

We’re good and we’re fast, and even for us, it takes 15+ hours per week. But we know it’s worth it, because the value of a LinkedIn client is much higher for us than any other social media platform.

Let us take the burden off of you. You’ll reap the rewards of a powerful LinkedIn profile, advanced targeted connections, higher ranking on LinkedIn and engaging content. All without lifting a finger.

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