How to easily and quickly keep track of clients with Pipedrive

At Wordflirt we want to help you grow, so we provide tools and tips and tricks that might make things easier for you, improving your productivity so you can spend more time ON your business, and hopefully less time IN your business.

Have you ever forgotten to get back with a client, or to follow up with them?

This month we’re highlighting Pipedrive, a CRM tool we’ve come to love. It is allowing us to easily keep track of our potential clients, as well as what our current clients need, with appropriate visibility so nothing falls through the cracks.

Here is what we really like about it:

  1. “Deals” and “Contacts”. A contact is obviously a person or a company, but a Deal is a potential sale with a dollar amount. This means you can have multiple Deals with one Contact! Thus, you have one client that wants two different services from you, and they may be at different stages of signing on with you. Or you may have won a Deal and are working on a 2nd Deal.An example at Wordflirt is we offer Website Design/Development, Social Media Marketing for small businesses, Social Media Marketing for large businesses, SEO, etc. Some of our clients want multiple services, others don’t, and will purchase them at different times.
  2. Multiple Pipelines. You can create a pipeline for the way you market a product or service and keep them separate. At Wordflirt we have a pipeline for our Website services, Social Media services, and a couple of others. It’s helps us to focus on EXACTLY what we need to do next.
  3. Customized status fields. You can create your own status fields to reflect how you work, such as Active, Dormant, On-Hold, etc.
  4. Ability to filter your views. This allows you to drill down on what is most important to you such as the deals each person on your team has created, your own custom status, older deals, etc. We’ve talked about Trello in the past, and this is one of the features that really distances Pipedrive from Trello.
  5. Connection with a prospect’s email. Once you have the person’s email, then anything emailed back and forth will be recorded in Pipedrive. This is really nice to be able to keep track, between team members, communication.

We recorded a short video to show you how to get started; it’s really easy. Plus they have plenty of videos on their site to help you. If you really need some help, let us know, and we can work with you to set it up!

If you’d like to get started, if you use our affiliate link, you’ll get 30 days free, which is twice as long as you’d get on your own. And full disclosure, if you sign up, we get some free time, which saves us a little money.