The Mystery of Creating Great Social Media Content for Business is Solved!

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I am often asked by my clients, “where do I get good content?” AND “how do you always come up with such great content?”  It’s not a big mystery.  In fact, it’s pretty easy.  I won’t say that it doesn’t take time and effort, but the overall concept for curating killer social media content is:

  1. Take the time to identify who you are trying to reach AND what they want
  2. Brainstorm on what you know and what resources you can tap to get the content
  3. Write or hire a writer to craft this information into posts (include images and video!)
  4. Create a plan of action, including a schedule AND
  5. Set up automation so that you don’t have to work on it every single day


Whether you are only using Facebook or you are a full Social Animal – you can learn my system for creating high quality social media content that will showcase you and your business as the Thought Leader for your industry.

I’m very proud to announce my latest book “How to Become a Social Media Content Machine – Wordflirt’s Guide to Cranking out Killer Content to Grow Your Business” available now on  Watch the video below to learn more about it:


Pick up your own copy and get started right away! 


Enjoy reading the Foreword written by Social Media Legend, Kate Buck, Jr. ( Her experience and training has been pivotal in my development in Social Media. 

I also want to give a shout out to my dear friend, Lisa Kingston, who designed the cover of my book.  She is talented, patient and has a great intuition when it comes to knowing what I want!

I hope you enjoy the book and crank out your own killer content!


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