WordPress website Hosting, Maintenance, & Security are painful!

Wordflirt does it all for you so you can concentrate on building YOUR business!

Wordflirt takes care of your website so that you can spend more time making your business grow.

Wordflirt takes the burden off of you for plugin, theme, and core updates!

We also run special security software and firewalls, as well as daily backups, and monitor uptime, keeping your site up and safe.

Let us be the hero that you deserve.

hero wf 300x300 - Hosting - Maintenance - Backup - Security

And if you have any issues, we have a set of highly skilled support staff who can assist you no matter what it may be.

Our goal is to do everything necessary to keep your website running smooth and worry free.

So that you can concentrate on what you do best – your business!

Wordflirt SmartVault Benefits

Here’s what we’ll do for you. Worry no more.

Web Hosting

Wordflirt SmartVault combines hosting on our private server with website backups and software updates to keep your site safe and fast – search engines need that!

Software Updates

WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, done properly and with the right timing – so you don’t even have to think about them. And we take care of the inevitable compatibility issues that occur with those updates.


23-point website lock-down includes a recaptcha, brute force protection, special security monitoring and scanning software – your uptime and safety are important for your business!


Daily, full website backups dating back 30 days using Amazon’s S3 redundant storage system  – ready to be restored at the drop of a hat.


Monthly reports emailed to you that show uptime, core/theme/plugin updates, detailed analytics, hack attempts, and security information (and not just for websites) discovered through extensive research. Checkout some of our blogs.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor the uptime of your website from multiple global locations 24/7 and if down, get it back up A.S.A.P. Because a down website means lost business!


We will provide help with anything relating to your website. Up to 1 hour per month. So you can easily keep your information up-to-date.

Themes/Plugins Licenses

We maintain, at our cost, virtually all premium tools and licenses for themes, plugins, and hosting we purchase during the creation or update of your website, saving you hundreds of dollars per year. In fact, we spend over $5,000 annually to bring you the best and most reliable!

Hack Repair

In the extremely unlikely event that your website falls victim to a hack attempt, we will do whatever it takes to remove the malicious code.

Website Restoration

Should your website crash or go down for any reason, we will restore your website back to its former glory, for no additional cost.


You will be granted access to a complete, high-quality, always up-to-date, easy-to-use, list of WordPress training videos. 40+ videos in total!

Industry Monitoring

We keep up with what is happening in the industry, and tell you what we think you need to know. If there is a major security breach from a particular plugin, we’ll let you know what that was and how we handled it. We keep our eyes on things so you don’t have to!