Choosing Your Website Platform

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How to Determine Which Web Platform is Right for Your Business

There are many different technologies available today, that can get you the same end result: a good looking website.  We’ve specifically chosen to focus on two platforms, because we feel we can help 90% of the businesses out there that require a website. These platforms are:

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A common platform, which offers A LOT of versatility and options, and can grow with a company from any starting point. WordPress can be as simple as a blog and an “about” page, or as complex as having hundreds of pages, databases, complex functionality and more. WordPress today powers more than 25% of all websites on the internet, and is used by many corporations (see some here:

bb2 - Choosing Your Website Platform

Business Builder

Our business builder is a simpler platform, which still offers great functionality, but is lighter, and easier for non-technical individuals to update themselves. While it can grow with you over the years, it won’t have the ability to have complex options, such as databases on the backend, and other advanced features.

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What to Consider When Deciding

With these guidelines, you can normally choose which platform is best for you. However, if you’re still undecided, we can talk with you and once we do, we’ll have a good understanding of what you’d like your website to do. We’d then be happy to make a recommendation based upon our experience, and knowledge of the platforms.

However, a few things that you can think about before we talk include asking yourself:

  • What is the purpose of my company website?
  • Am I technical enough to edit the contents myself on WordPress?
  • Do I LIKE doing it myself?
  • Do I plan to have an active blog in which someone blogs on the site more than once per week?
  • Will I be selling things on the site? (Ecommerce)
  • Do I need to collect any sort of data for a backend database, such as customer information or other data?
  • Do I need a membership site?
  • Do I just want a professional web presence that requires very little change now and then?

These are teaser questions intended to get you thinking about what functionality you may need. Don’t worry – we can help you through it.

WordPress is Your Website Solution When:

  • You want to blog more than once per week
  • You want a magazine style website
  • You need to collect customer information
  • You want to post jobs and allow people to apply
  • You require complex contact or survey forms
  • You have a lot of customization required for your site
  • Your company has more than 15 employees
  • You want a membership site, chat, forum, or a repository for educational material
  • You want to integrate onsite calendaring or scheduling solutions that exactly match your brand.
  • You require a robust ecommerce solution for both physical and digital products
  • You want a web design team on hand to make technical edits for your site when needed
  • Your budget is flexible and you are able to spend more per month for maintenance, hosting, security and reporting
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Business Builder is Your Solution When:

  • You are an individual business owner, consultant, or medical professional
  • You are a salon, dentist, optometrist, plumber, construction company, photographer or other local small business service
  • You are a professional such as a Realtor, Mortgage Advisor, Reverse Mortgage Advisor, Insurance agent, or Financial Planner
  • You own a retail operation and would like a simple way to sell your items on your website
  • Your site will not experience constant change or rapid blogging (more than once per week)
  • You understand basic drag and drop design, and have the time to make edits (we can also edit for you, but you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer)
  • You want lower cost upfront design and can handle the monthly hosting and maintenance
  • Your site has an average of 5-8 pages at any given time

Our goal is to make web design affordable for every budget level, which is why we offer two very different solutions. No matter which solution you select, we promise to make it special and give you a beautiful website to showcase you and your company.